Steps To Complete Topic Registration

1. Install the QEEE Application Software v12.0 (available here) by referring to the “Installation and Setup Instructions”.

2. We have different modules in QEEE for the upcoming semester. They are:

QEEE Regular – regular core engineering topics for students

Faculty Training – With an objective to enhance the faculty’s pedagogical and intellectual exposure, senior IIT Faculty will train the local faculty on the topics which were delivered in QEEE so that local faculty can deliver the topic to students using Coursepack. The training is a remote session for 2 hrs. A certificate is awarded to local faculty who delivers the topic and administers the proctored exam to students.

NPTEL Regular Courses These courses are offered by NPTEL. A Q&A live session is offered by respective IIT Faculty during the middle of the course. Students can take NPTEL proctored examination(paid) as per given dates to get NPTEL certificate or QEEE proctored quiz (in Coursepack) to get QEEE certificate. For course outline and other information, please click on the "Description" link below the course.

NPTEL Faculty Training Courses These courses are offered by NPTEL. The local faculty will be trained in these courses by IIT Faculty (2 hrs) so that the local faculty can re-run these courses to the students at their convenient schedule. Students to take the proctored quiz and assignments to be eligible for certificates from QEEE. For course outline and other information, please click on the "Description" link below the course.

Minors – A set of theory topics along with a project activity are grouped together to form a specialization or Minor. A student who has completed all the topics and project will be awarded a Minor certificate. The theory topics are self-study modules (through Coursepack) with proctored quiz to be administered by local faculty. Project activity will be designed by IIT Faculty and conducted by local faculty.

3. Click on the relevant topic, enter the required details and submit.

4. For all faculty to view the list of topics offered, please visit here. The Event Calendar is also provided for easy reference of schedule.

Refundable Payment

A refundable deposit of Rs. 2000/- is charged for each topic. On registration to a topic, the amount is added to the cart (displayed on the top of the webpage). Click on cart to list the registered topic and click on Checkout. The amount is to be paid through bank transfer. Bank details are given in Checkout. Please make note of the transaction reference number and enter in the Checkout page and Submit. After the verification of the payment details, the registered topics will be available in your server. The refund will be initiated if all the sessions of the registered courses are attended by the registered students.