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Quick Update

We are proud to release the course outline for top 20 topics. Take your time to look at it. Feel free to use forum to interact with course experts on course outline and share your valuable opinion for improvements.

CoursePack is a Pedagogical framework designed to facilitate online teaching and learning with the help of ICT. It empowers the delivery of virtual book to student group with the mixture of interactive digital content including text, video, image, quiz, forum, text chat, presentation, assignments and dictionary. An exciting range of multimedia activities designed to support teaching and learning with an intent to increase engagement of audience and improve learning outcomes. Our aim is to give access to all the materials for courses in a single place. Right in the app, they can play video or audio lectures, Read books and view presentations, Take assessment test and collaborate with experts & peers.

Using this tool, a content developer should be able to Create, edit, view, remove or publish chapter. Content of the chapter includes text, video, audio, image, presentation and animation.


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